Naxos Another Night Before Christmas 8.572744
ASV British Light Overtures 3 CDWHL 2140
Heritage The Spirit of Christmas HTGCD299
Dutton Epoch British Light Music Premieres Vol.1 CDLX 7147
Dutton Epoch British Light Music Premieres Vol.4 CDLX 7190


Chappell Fantasy and Adventure CHAP 272
Chappell Elizabethan and Baroque Drama CHAP 292
Chappell Light and Shade CHAP 303
Chappell Pure Piano CHAP 309
Chappell Drones & Tones 2 CHAP 300
Chappell Short Cuts 3 CHAP AV171
Chappell Dynamic Underscores CHAP 324
Chappell World 24 CHAP 353
Chappell The Beauty Of It All CHAP 369
Chappell Dynamic Underscores 2 CHAP 390
Chappell A White Christmas CHAP 468
Chappell Pop Hits CHAP AV150
Chappell Ambient Grooves and Dub 2 CHAP AV157
Chappell French Electronic Beats CHAP AV169
Bruton Cinematic Trailers BRJ 54
Bruton Movie Mania 2 BIGS 010
Bruton Political Path BR 429
Bruton Living and Breathing BR 426
Bruton Game Zone BR 435
Bruton Widescreen Drama BR 441
Bruton Big Screen Epic Choral 1 BR 444
Bruton Big Screen Epic Choral 2 BR 445
Bruton Sport Drama BR 448
Bruton Trailer Addicts 1 BR 453
Bruton Funky Little Beats 2 BR 457
Bruton Adventures in Heroism BR 459
Bruton The Business BR 461
Bruton The Best and Worst of Britain BTV001
Bruton Terror Disturbia BR 465
Bruton Boom & Bust BTV2A/B
Bruton The Art of Crime BR 478
Bruton Film Trailers BIGS018
Bruton Magic and Fantasy BEE02
Bruton Impact Trailers BEE04
Bruton Wacky World BEE05
Bruton News Extra BEE08
Bruton Playtime BEE09
Bruton Night Fright BEE10
Bruton Just Percussion BEE11
Bruton Bruton 500 BR 500
Bruton Jazzy Shorts BIGS 020
Bruton Extreme Sports BEE13
Bruton Dramedy BIGS024
Bruton Funny Business BR558
Best 4 Best 4 Games Best4 – 04
Best 4 Best 4 Halloween Best4 – 06
Best 4 Best 4 World Cup Best4 – 08
Best 4 Best 4 Italian Politics Best4 – 09
Atmosphere Junk Science ATMOS269
Atmosphere The Movie Soundtrack 2 ATMOS274
Atmosphere Drones 2 ATMOS284
Atmosphere Fright Fest ATMOS286
Atmosphere Creative Classical Promos ATMOS295
Atmosphere The Movie Soundtrack 3 ATMOS296
Atmosphere The Promos ATMOS317
Atmosphere Happy Birthday ATMOS415
Universal Trailers Geneticism UTS 038
Focus Byte-Sized FCD 171
Focus Fast and Furious FCD 178
Focus Sound Design and Music Beds 1 FCD 181
Focus Sound Design and Music Beds 2 FCD 182
Focus Lifestyle and Reality TV FCD 199
Focus Promos and Commercials FCD 202
Focus Real Life Drama FCD 205
Focus Essential Jazz FCD 207
Focus Ambient Beats FCD 210
Focus Hollywood Blockbusters FCD 211
Focus Essential House FCD 212
Focus Classical Christmas FCD 213
Focus Promos and Commercials 2 FCD 218
Focus Piano Portraits FCD 221
Focus Kids Zone FCD 222
Focus Middle East FCD 224
Focus Far East FCD 225
Focus Hollywood Trailers – Epic Action FCD 227
Focus Green Planet FCD 229
Focus Focus on the 30’s & 40’s FCD 237
Focus Human Emotions 2 FCD 241
Focus Drones and Tension Beds FCD 242
Focus Fantasy and Magic FCD 243
Focus Ready-Made Vocal Beds FCD 244
Focus Sports Promos FCD 246
Focus Fashion Promos FCD 247
Focus Inspiration FCD 249
Focus Kitsch Promos FCD 250
Focus Minimal Elements FCD 252
Focus Well-Known Tunes FCD 256
Focus Comedy Capers FCD 260
Focus Alternative Christmas FCD 263
Focus Ready-Made Vocal Beds 2 FCD 264
Focus Well-Known Tunes 2 FCD 266
Focus Royal Celebration FCLS 10
Focus Hollywood Trailers 2 – Emotion FCD 268
Focus Indie Film FCD 272
Focus Documentary – Health FCD 273
Focus Documentary – Science FCD 274
Focus Epic String Beats FCD 277
Focus Olympic Sport FCD 279
Focus London Calling FCD 280
Focus Dramedy FCD 283
Focus Dramedy 2 FCD 284
Focus Classical Buildings FCLS 12
Focus Documentary – Crime FCD 286
Focus Christmas Collection FCD 292
Focus Winter Magic FCD 293
Focus Hollywood Trailers 3 – Family Films FCD 294
Focus Deep House FCLB 9
Focus Big Band Crooners FCSG 10
Focus Positive Stories FCD 302
Focus Cinematic Piano FCD 309
Focus Promo Pack FCD 311
Focus Simply Solo 2 FCD 322
Focus Costume Drama FCLS 21
Focus Love Songs FCSG 12
Focus Kids Promos FCD 324
Focus Go! Brazil FCD 325
Focus Serious Stories FCD 327
Focus Ladies of Jazz FCSG 13
Focus Hollywood Blockbusters 2 FCD 332
Focus British Classics FCLS26
Focus Spanish Holiday FCD 335
Focus Heart of America FCD 337
Focus Classical Remixes 2 FCLS31
Focus Curious Quirky FCD 346
Focus Epic Voices FCD 347
Focus Dramatic Openers FCD 349
Focus Kids Openers FCD 350
Focus Traditional Christmas FCD 353
Focus Hero Rising FCD 354
Focus Hollywood Glamour FCD 355
Focus Jazzy Christmas FCSG 28
Focus Wonderful Adventures FCD 389
Focus Electric Harmony FCD 393
Focus Comedy Capers 2 FCD 408
Focus Contemporary Classical FCD 417
Focus Jazz Lounge FCD 419

KPMFantastic AdventuresKPM 2135

KPM Cinematic Builds KPM 873
KPM Big Band Glamour KPM 895
KPM Big Band Glamour Remixed KPM 943
Selected Sound Inspiration and Power SEL 6089
KPM Gadgets and Gizmos KPM 970
KPM Retro Themes KPM 2021
KPM Domestic Bliss KPM 2034
KPM Hustler KPM 2057
KPM Hollywood Christmas KPM 2078
KPM Fantastic Adventures KPM 2135
Sonoton Family Entertainment – Magical Adventures STT 19
Sonoton Dark Heroes STT 20
Sonoton Complete Piano SCDV 218
Sonoton Drama 4 – Classic Period Drama STT 024
Sonoton High Impact STTV 6
Sonoton Docutrax 2 – Serious Incidents SCD 874
Sonoton Beds for Commercials SCDV 250
Sonoton Docutrax 6 – Scientific Horizons SCDV 328
Sonoton World War I – Centenary 1914 – 2014 Vol.1 SCDV 395
Sonoton World War I – Centenary 1914 – 2014 Vol.4 SCDA 100
Sonoton Optimistic Plans – Stories with Strings SCDV 387
Sonoton Light Comedy and Romance STT 026
Sonoton Heroes and Legends Vol.1 STT 027
Sonoton Natural World SCDV 507
Sonoton Serious Issues – Stories with Strings SCDV 513
Sonoton Political Undercurrents SCDV 557
Sonoton Optimistic Plans – Stories With Strings II SCDV 591
Sonoton Kooky and Quirky SCDV 598
Sonoton Heroes and Legends Vol.2 STT 28
Sonoton Animated Adventures STT 30
Sonoton Underneath – Cinematic Drama STT 32
Sonoton Crime Scene – Dark and Edgy SCDV 661
Sonoton Optimistic Plans – Stories with Strings III SCDV 755
Sonoton Magical Adventures STT 42
Sonoton Absolute Power SCDV 781
Sonoton Curiously Pizzicato SCDV 833
Sonoton Contemporary Piano Soundscapes SCDV 839
Sonoton Dystopia STT 53
Sonoton Just For Laughs SCDV 869
Sonoton Halloween STT 56
CPM Wonderfully Eccentric CAR 503
Cavendish Criminal Investigation CAVCD 349
Cavendish Pianospheres 2 CAVCD 368
Cavendish Business Minds CAVCD 386
Must Save Jane Family Adventure Vol II MSJ 030
Score Cinematic Compendium SCORE 040
Score Celebration SCORE 100
Score Atomic Worlds SCORE 114
De Wolfe Lives and Landscapes DWCD 0650
Amphonic Soprano Sax AVF 130
Amphonic Neo-Classical AVF 139
Amphonic Klub Kulture AVF 143
Amphonic Beat Nation AVF 145
Amphonic Film Styles II AVF 146
Amphonic Christmas AVF 147
Amphonic Adrenalin Zone AVF 149
Amphonic Symphonica Electronica AVF 151
Amphonic Contemporary Jingles AVF 155
Amphonic Classical Fusion AVF 158
Amphonic Retro Remix AVF 163
Amphonic Broadcast Themes AVF 168
Amphonic Comic Capers AVF 170
Go Ahead World of Sport GA 1504CD
Extreme Passport to Cuba XPS005


Silva Screen The Fantasy Album FILMXCD360
Silva Screen Music from the Harry Potter Films SILCD1206
Silva Screen Film Music of Hans Zimmer SILCD1238
Silva Screen Film Music by John Williams SILCD2005
Silva Screen Comic Strip Heroes SILCD1210
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Silva Screen Reel Chill Vol.2 SILCD4446
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Silva Screen American Gangsters SILCD1271
Silva Screen Cult Cuts – Music From Modern Cinema SILCD1270
Silva Screen The Music of Batman SILCD1276
Silva Screen Film Music 2008 SILCD1281
Silva Screen 100 Greatest Film Themes Vol.2 SILCD1309
Silva Screen 100 Greatest Musicals SILCD1328
Silva Screen The Complete Harry Potter Film Music Collection SILCD1381
Silva Screen Music From The Hobbit & The Lord of The Rings SILCD1397
RPO Records Filmharmonic RPO 015CD
RPO Records Filmharmonic II RPO 018CD
RPO Records Movie Legends – The Music of John Williams RPO 021CD
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EMI Greatest Film Classics EMI Gold 6310842
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